B.F. Pack offers you durable and long-lasting Strapping Tools & Machinery. With a variety of options that include manual strapping tools, battery powered strapping tools, and pneumatic strapping tools. Helping you choose the right device and tools, so it makes things easier and flexible for you. Our strapping tools are all used to tighten plastic or steel straps around your product or pallet, making the load easily transported or stored easily, and securely. The use of such tools is in construction sites, sawmills, logistics companies, building materials stores, etc.

These strapping tools are suitable for plastic and steel straps. Whereas, the battery-operated models are suitable for a plastic strap. The equipment is light-weight, so working with it won't be of any task or effort. The use of strapping tools are to be used and are used for small volume use, and occasionally. When it comes to pneumatic strapping tools, they are more robust and suitable for heavier use, like logistics companies, etc. They're less agile and are usually tied to a location. These are suitable for the use of steel straps.

Our high-quality and strapping tools are all manufactured with great inspection and safety, for the better and safe use of our customers. We encourage the longevity of the equipment by providing effective spare parts and maintenance services for all strapping tools.


Manual Strapping Tool – are ideal for flat goods such as pallets, crates, bales, and all kinds of packages. The tools are characterized by their reliability, strength, ergonomic design principles, and service friendliness. The proven sealless joint permits extremely rational working, reducing strapping costs by ca. 10%. The strength of the sealless joint is very uniform and normally higher than that of joints with seals. Under Manual Strapping Tools, there are Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool, Manual Combination Plastic Strapping Tool, Manual Steel Strapping Tools with a Seal Joint, Manual Plastic Strapping Tools, Manual Composite Strapping Tensioner, Ratchet Tensioner for Lashing Belt, Manual Combination Steel Strapping Tool.

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Manual Strapping Tools


B.F Pack battery-powered tools for plastic strapping deliver power and performance without any general costs and disturbance of pneumatic tools. The use of a battery-powered tool helps in the improvement of productivity for the application of plastic strapping in heavy-duty hand tool applications. These basically are combination tools that have their performance set for tensioning, cutting functions, and sealing. These tools use a friction weld for the plastic strap, providing the right tools and strapping for every application. These plastic strapping are available in widths from 9mm to 32mm.

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Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tools


Pneumatic Strapping Tools are very efficient for hassle-free and quick strapping of heavy-duty products. The use of this tool is for air pressure to strap products and make a neat strapping is done. The strapping tools are very light and known to be a compact professional one. B.F Pack provides greater quality pneumatic operated strapping tools at an affordable rate. They're time-saving especially when long band take-ups are needed. In combination with a semi-automatic strap feed system, it increases productivity. Under Pneumatic Strapping Tools falls, Pneumatic Sealless Steel Strapping Tools, Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tools with a Seal Joint, Pneumatic Plastic Strapping Tools, Pneumatic Composite Strapping Tensioner.

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Pneumatic Strapping Tools


Strapping machines by B.F Pack, generally come in Automatic & Semi-Automatic for polypropylene strapping. These strapping machines are suitable for the use of strapping newspapers, profiles, books, printed materials, cartons, etc. Apart from these two, there are a couple of strapping machines, namely binding machines, etc. These machines are divided based on the level of automation to the semi-automatic strapping machines. Under these machines fall, Semi-Auto Strapping Machines, Automatic Strapping Machines, Pallet Strapping Machines.

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Strapping Machines