Composite strapping has filaments embedded in it.

In the load securing industry it is often referred to as “synthetic steel”.

It is very abrasion resistant and has the highest joint efficiency when used with a buckle.

Composite is made of parallel layers of single polyester threads laminated together with polypropylene.

The special recipe of our polypropylene coating ensures an optimal compound with the polyester fibres and is at the same time resistant to most chemical solvents, caustics and acids.

Due to its high abrasion protection it is well suited for products with rough surfaces and edges.
Composite/Polycord Strapping Band by B.F. Pack

Composite Strapping Roll Range

Strap Type Width Length Breaking Strength Linear Breaking Strength System Colour
Composite 13 mm 1100 mtr 200 daN 320 daN White
Composite 16 mm 850 mtr 425 daN 680 daN white
Composite 19 mm 500 mtr 625 daN 1000 daN White
Composite 19 mm 600 mtr 475 daN 760 daN White
Composite 19 mm 700 mtr 380 daN 610 daN White
Composite 25 mm 450 mtr 925 daN 1490 daN White
Composite 32 mm 300 mtr 1500 daN 2400 daN White

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