B.F. Pack works on manufacturing, exporting, and supplying great quality Protective Packaging Machinery. These machineries are broadly used in various industries and are known for their reliable performance, effortless maintenance, and durability. We have developed intermittent motion filing machines that can work in intermittent and constant motion. Based on your business needs, your production floor, and your objectives for costs, efficiency, growth, and throughput, we accordingly provide you with packaging machine options that will best align with your business goals.

We offer you equipment audits, Ad-hoc maintenance, emergency breakdown repair, etc. Helping you with security and ensuring you with a safe arrival of your product. Our experienced engineers make use of intelligence and service that will help and repair your strapping hand tools. We believe in contributing to making the world safer and cleaner, with the help of our machines, we make sure the purpose of improving the quality of life is done right. Under packaging machinery involves stretch wrapping machine, shrink wrap machine, air pad machine, carton sealing machine, and baggage wrapping machine.

The use of packaging machinery is for all packaging operations that involve primary packages for distribution purposes, which also includes packaging processes, like cleaning, fabricating, sealing, labeling, etc. Packaging machines usually come in different types, out of which a few are, Vacuum packing machines, cleaning packing machine, pouch filling machine, pure pack packing machine, wrapping machine, etc.

Engaged in manufacturing various packaging machines that are highly reliable and are all designed and developed to serve the purposes and requirements of different industries. We offer an entire range of systems, machines, for our customers in the UAE.


B. F pack offers their services across UAE. With a broad range of stretch wrapping machines, it starts with the entry-level cost-effective, and semi-automatic machine which would be affordable and suitable for low throughput pages. Our wrapping machines are offered to you with many wrapping programs and are user-friendly, that can be used for every stage, easily changed by your operator.

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Stretch Wrapping Machine


Highly used for packing and preserving food items like medical drugs, salty foods, books, etc. These shrinking tools are highly useful and applicable for PVC and PE shrink. Under these fall the following types Shrink Fast Gun 998 UL, Shrink Tunnel, L Bar Shrink Wrap Sealers. All our services are explicit and are taken care of under great inspection and care.

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Shrink Wrap Machine


The easy-to-use, portable, and compact air pad machines provide protective packaging and void-filling materials at the start of the button. It does not require any sort of operator and is made from rolls of flat film that are inflated with heat-sealed air, and perforated. Under this falls the following, fully automated and computerized AP 502, New tabletop machine AP 250, The new and compact AP 100, The new rapid Fromm's compact bubble AP 150.

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Air Pad Machine


The most suitable machine that can be used for single-use of the production line. It adopts adhesive tape all the way to seal the carton. They're fast and way too easy to adjust to the machine. It can help in completing the sealing both at the top and bottom. You can easily adjust the width and height of various cartons. The use of carton sealing machines is widely used in home appliances, food, medicine, chemical, etc.

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Carton Sealing Machine


Designed to wrap luggage for security purposes in the airport or for any transport hub. The use of such a baggage wrapping machine will help in providing you with extra support so you get the needed protection from anything being damaged. It is well-equipped with braking rolling caters and does not necessarily need bulky and power-hungry heating systems.

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Baggage Wrapping Machine