B.F. Pack works with a primary focus on working and delivering high-quality work, with an ability to undergo tailored packaging services, along with their Packaging Accessories, while showcasing exceptional services. Taking all the pressure out of the complexities and logistics necessary to preserve and promote the freshness of your goods. Taking full responsibility and time to understand our customer's needs, challenges, and operations. The culture we follow is a customer-centric one that helps to serve you with the best services.

Taking forward our packaging footprint with a commitment to engineering products that fulfill the needed initiatives and promote sustainability. We believe in providing economic benefits to our customers, while constantly developing packaging alternatives and products that add benefits to working effectively for our customers. Being a customer-focused company, we comprise a helpful and well-experienced team, owning a wealth of packaging and design knowledge to share. We're happy to provide you with a complete list of product sizes, custom design, available configurations, sizing, and bulk. You could reach out to our staff for any further information, quotes, etc. We're happy to serve you!

The following accessories are what we deliver to you.


Much needed device amongst every movers & packer, that can be used in all modes of transportation. They're generally large air-filled pouches that can be used to stabilize, protect, and secure during transportation. We offer two types of dunnage bags, Paper Dunnage Bags, Woven Polypropylene Bags.

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Dunnage Bags


The best range of stretch wrapping film with effective and timely delivery. Commonly used to wrap products and prevent them from scratches, contamination, and stains. It ensures that the packed product is intact within its packaging, with the advantage of being transparent so you can easily view any damage.

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Stretch Wrap Film


Polyolefin consists of a great low shrink temperature property, with a shrink temperature as PVC shrink film. Good seal strength and over 60% shrinkage, can perform perfectly even under bad shrink conditions. One of the best choices that can be made to pack effortlessly transformative temperature and sensitive products like soft boxes, chocolats, etc.

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POF Shrink Film


The use of such tapes are for shipping and inventory management, for various applications which include lamination, printing, stationery, insulation, flexible packaging, etc. These tapes have two known types, first sealing storage boxes, second sealing shipping boxes. These tapes can vary in the materials and adhesive parts.

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Packaging Tapes


Cost-effective, large and durable bags that are readily used in the packaging and transformation industry for storing and transporting of products. Available in different sizes and specifications, for long lasting durability. These bags are manufactured from tubular,flat woven fabric with large storage capacity.

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FIBC / Jumbo Bag


B.F pack hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying a subjective range of Edge Protectors. All our products are manufactured from optimum quality to guarantee you with durability and great performance. Available in different standards, sizes and shapes as per your requirements.

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Corrugated Edge Protector


The use of these buckles are to secure the ends of steel, poly, and plastic strapping for storage or shipping purposes. Forming a temporary connection that lets straps to be retightened as needed. We provide you with Galvanized Wire Buckles, Metal Lashing Buckles.

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Strapping Buckles


With the help of a dispenser, strapping pallets and cartons gets a lot faster and simpler. It can significantly ease the process of securing strapping bands to items or to pallets. The help it provides to the warehouse or loading dock saves the backs of workers with strapping dispensers. B.F Pack supplies suitable Polypropylene, Composite, Polyester, Steel Strap band.

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Strapping Dispenser


One- handed cutters for light- to medium-duty strapping, that can be held in one hand. The handles are squeezed together to cut the strapping, and can easily cut steel and zinc-coated steel strapping. Two-handed cutters for steel strapping trim used for medium-to heavy-duty and high-tensile strength steels and zinc-coated steel strapping.

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Strapping Cutter


Imparting an extra layer of protection around your product within the shipping boxes or an envelope. Bubble wrap rolls are versatile and flexible with hundreds of bubbles providing cushion power, so you can be sure for the product to arrive securely and undamaged. Can absorb shocks while providing a buffer that keeps the wrapped products damage free.

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Bubble Wrap


Easy to wrap rolls are designed to wrap oddly shaped household products, fragile parts, glassware, etc at low cost packaging solution. They're environmentally friendly and can be used as an effective protective packaging. This design can absorb impact to reduce damage and cushion the product.

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Corrugated Roll


It allows suspension of strapping tools at desired levels through a fixed overhead position on a monorail, jib crane or ceiling. It also provides suspension to strapping tools that allows for weightless operation. The extension length help with a wide working radius and adjustable load range from 4.5 to 25 kg

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FEIN Balancer for Strapping Tool


It is made from silicon dioxide and is a component naturally found in sand, with tiny particles that can absorb significant amounts of water. Its atmospheric moisture and adverse weather conditions can use transit damage to commercial items like optical equipment, items of clothing and electrical goods.

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Silica Gel


Used with steel strapping polypropylene strapping and polyester strapping for the use of bundling. Flame - retardant guide protects drywall, plaster and concrete. Permanent mount with factory-applied adhesive.

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Plastic Corner


Fabricated from the finest transparent material that lasts for a longer period of time. We also provide printing service of preferred logos on P.P. Woven Sheets & Bags PP Woven Sheets & Bags offered by us include Woven Banana Bag, Woven Shoe Bag, Woven Sheets, Woven Box Type Bag

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PP Woven Bags & Sheets


Traditional packing materials that are lightweight properties with lower shipping costs. Makes your packing a lot more consistent and controlled. Air pad is reusable and recyclable, consists of 99% air and 1% film which gives economic and environmental advantages.

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Air Pad Film